About the Trial Version of MidiIllustrator

Command Location: Help Menu

The trial version of MidiIllustrator offers all the functionality of the full, registered version of MidiIllustrator, for a limited period of time.

When you start the trial version of MidiIllustrator a pop up screen appears informing you that you are using an Unlicensed Trial Copy of MidiIllustrator.  The number of free tries that you have before certain functions are disabled is displayed on the screen, as is a link to the MidiIllustrator website.  To clear the screen and continue with startup simply click on the ‘Continue’ button. To license/purchase a copy of MidiIllustrator click on the ‘How to Buy’ button.  The full, licensed version of MidiIllustrator does not show this pop up screen.

This screen will be updated each time you open MidiIllustrator and will inform you of the number of tries that you have left.  As you approach the end of the trial period the screen will also remind you that your free trial will shortly run out.

When the trial period has expired, Printing, Saving and Audio functions will be disabled and a special 'watermark' will appear on score page background.  You can still open, view, and work with your scores after the trial period has expired if you still wish to try out certain features.

If you wish to continue using the full MidiIllustrator feature set after this point, then you must buy the software.  Buying MidiIllustrator is quick, easy and great value!

There are several ways to purchase the full version of MidiIllustrator, see the help topic: Help Purchasing MidiIllustrator.

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MidiIllustrator is published by Rallentando Software.