Chord Name and Guitar Fret Selector

Command Location: Insert Menu

If you are creating or editing chord names or guitar frets, then you can use the Chord Name and Guitar Fret Selector as an aid to quickly selecting a particular chord.

The Selector can display over 900 chords and variations and includes:

Some chords also have alternative names and fret fingerings.

You can open the Selector from either the Guitar Frets menu or the Chord Names menu.  Alternatively, you can double click the mouse on an existing guitar fret, or right click on an existing chord name and open the Selector from the context menu.

Selecting a Chord

Begin by entering the key of the chord in the drop down box. The Selector automatically lists all of the chord types associated with that key. If you have Guitar Chord Variations checked then there may be more than on entry for a given chord, this allows you to select a particular fret fingering for the chord of your choice.

You can choose to synchronize the guitar fret graphic and the chord name text if you are showing both, by selecting the Update checkbox.

Note: MidiIllustrator may not offer every single possible fingering for a given guitar chord. In some cases it may also be necessary to manually edit the text of a chord name if you cannot find the exact format using the Selector.