Configuring Sound and Playing Back Scores

MidiIllustrator can open files and transcribe scores without being configured for sound in any way.  If, however, you wish to hear a score played back then you must configure MidiIllustrator to use the soundcard in your computer and its MIDI capabilities.  Furthermore, many advanced options in MidiIllustrator (such as the Step by Step mode and MIDI Echo) employ the functionality of a soundcard.

In order to playback a file you must, at the very least, configure a MIDI playback device.

Setting the MIDI Playback device

Find out all about configuring your MIDI devices for playback in the MIDI OUT/Playback section.

Starting Playback

When you have configured your MIDI Playback device you can begin playback of an open score by choosing Start Playback from the Perform Menu (see also Keyboard Shortcuts)

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