Practice Sessions

Command Location: Perform Menu

Practice Sessions allow you to focus on part (or all) of a score whether you are studying, rehearsing or simply listening to the music. You create or edit Practice Sessions using the Practice Session Wizard (‘Wizard’). The Wizard will guide you through the steps necessary to design your Practice Session.

Practice Sessions are available in Performance Mode only.

Session Options

You can decide how much of the score to show on the screen during the session, by choosing a range of measures to work with, or a section marked out with Bookmarks.

You can also determine if and how, MidiIllustrator will accompany you during the session.

You can choose to hear a section repeated in a continuous loop, or a specific number of times if you are rehearsing. You can also specify how the Metronome should behave during the accompaniment.

During the Session

Whilst you are practising the behaviour of the playback controls and the Metronome will be determined by the settings of the current Practice Session. You can stop the accompaniment at any time, and when you restart playback the cursor will move to the start of the Practice Session automatically. Playback will loop the number of times specified for the session. Every time you restart playback you restart the ‘looping’ cycle.

You can end the session at any time by hitting Escape, and selecting the Practice Button on the toolbar or from the Perform Menu. If you chose to view only a range of measures during your Practice Session, then all measures in the score will be shown automatically when the Practice Session is over.

If you are using Step by Step Mode in a practise session, when you enter the last notes in the practise range, the Step by Step entry cursor will move automatically back to the start of the practise session.