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Q:  MidiIllustrator won't start, nothing happens when I run the program or click the icon?  Problems with AVG.
A:  Are you using AVG alongside MidiIllustrator?  A bug with AVG prevents MidiIllustrator from even starting.  Please uninstall AVG completely (it is not enough to add an exception for MidiIllustrator) and use an alternative to AVG e.g. Windows Defender which is free with Windows.
Q:  I really would like to try this program, but I can't get it to download.  Can you email it to me?
A:  Occasionally, Internet traffic levels can mean that the MidiIllustrator trial setup file is slow to download or temporarily 'unavailable'.  If this happens, please try downloading again later.

To retry from our website:

We can only email the MidiIllustrator trial setup file to you as a last resort, as many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) do not allow attachments as large as the trial setup file.  Please contact us if you would like a copy emailed to you.