Open, Save and Save As Dialog

As well as offering the standard Windows functionality for managing your files, MidiIllustrator includes some further options for navigating to your favorite file locations. As MIDI file collections grow it can become harder to track down particular files quickly.  MidiIllustrator allows you to store a list of favorite folders, and jump quickly to those folders with the click of a button.

This File’s Dir. This button only appears when you have one or more scores open on the screen.  When clicked the folder of the currently active score will open.  This button is disabled when the current folder is the same as the folder of the currently active score.
+ Favorite Adds the folder shown in the Current Dir window to your list of favorites (if it does not already exist).
- Favorite Removes the favorite displayed in the Current Dir window.  Note: this does not physically remove the folder, only the shortcut is removed.
Set this folder as the default location for song files When checked, MidiIllustrator will store a reference to the current folder.  The first time you use the File/Save dialog (each time you run MidiIllustrator) the dialog will move to this folder.  You can also set this value in the Program Options folders section.
Quantize MIDI Files as Notated If you are saving a file in MIDI format and this box is checked, MidiIllustrator will set the timing of each note in the score to its exact notated value, overriding the original value for that note.  Remember that MidiIllustrator does not alter the underlying MIDI performance of an imported MIDI file. When you play back a MIDI file you hear the original imported MIDI sequence, even though the notation may have been reorganised for enhanced presentation.  This rule applies to saving files too.  The note timings in the saved files will always be the same as the values in the original MIDI file unless you use this option to force the MIDI layout to mimic exactly the notation you see on the screen.
Store Adjusted Tempo If you have adjusted the Master tempo of the score you are working with, and would like that tempo to be stored with the score when you save it, save the score using "Save As" from the File Menu and specify this option.

When the score is reopened in the future, the "100%" score Master tempo will equivalent to the effective tempo at the time the score was saved.

Current Folder Shows the full name of the current folder, ready for adding to favorite file locations.
Favorites Favorites contains a list of all your favorite folders.  When a favorite is selected from the drop down box that folder is opened immediately.  Click the arrow buttons to the right of the drop down box in order to navigate quickly to the next/previous entries in the list.