File Types

Command Location: Tools Menu / Program Options / File Types Tab

The File Types tab allows you to control how Windows behaves when ‘working’ with MIDI and Karaoke files. Specifically, you can choose to ‘associate’ MIDI and Karaoke files with MidiIllustrator.

‘Associating’ is a Windows term which refers to the way in which different files are managed by different programs. If files with the extension ‘.mid’ are ‘associated’ with MidiIllustrator, then double clicking the mouse on one of these files in Windows Explorer will result in that file being opened in MidiIllustrator.

When MidiIllustrator was installed you were asked whether or not MIDI files and Karaoke files should be associated with MidiIllustrator. You can choose to associate these file types with MidiIllustrator at any time by checking the boxes listed on this tab.