Full Screen

Command Location: View Menu

See more of the score in Full Screen Mode!

You can enter Full Screen Mode by clicking the F11 key. All menus and toolbars will be hidden, and the score will be shown using the entire screen, making much more of the notation visible. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to initiate functions such as playback, rewind etc. Hit Escape or F11 to return to normal viewing mode.

Menu Access in Full Screen Mode

You can access the hidden MidiIllustrator menus in Full Screen Mode simply by hitting the Alt key followed by the letter of each menu. For example: Alt + V brings up the View Menu. You can then select an item from the menu using the keyboard cursor or the mouse.

Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts whilst in Full Screen Mode. For example: Alt + L shows/hides the Lists Bar.

To see a full list of shortcuts, look here.