Key Signature Dialog

Command Location: Measures Menu / Key Signature

The Key dialog allows you to change the key signature:

Remember that only the notation is changed and that the underlying note sounds are not. If you want to change note pitches you should use the Transpose dialog.

Clicking the drop down box will display as many keys as possible on the screen for quick selection.

Guess Key Allows MidiIllustrator to analyse the piece and then determine the most appropriate key signature for the score, or you can choose the key yourself. There are two ways of choosing the key, either by using the left and right arrows on the right of the Key Signature Graphical Display and clicking through until you find your desired key, or by selecting a major or minor key from the drop down boxes located below the Key Signature Graphical Display.
Apply Allows you to experiment with new settings, applying current values to the score whilst leaving the dialog open for any future changes.
Undo Changes Allows you to instantly undo any changes made to the score since the dialog was opened, useful for auditioning and reversing changes with the Apply button.
Apply new key to all staves Enables you to change the key on all staves in the piece rather than just the selected staff.