MIDI Device Sharing

Command Location: Tools Menu / MIDI Options / MIDI Device Sharing Tab

The MIDI Device Sharing tab affords you the flexibility to control how MidiIllustrator uses and shares ‘MIDI Devices’ with other programs.

MIDI devices are used by MidiIllustrator whenever some kind of MIDI function is performed. One device is used for playback, another device might be used to generate metronome beats, and yet another device might be used to ‘listen’ to a external MIDI Instrument, such as a MIDI Keyboard or a MIDI Guitar.

Most MIDI devices can only be used by one Windows application at a time. This means that if another programs is using your favourite MIDI playback device at the time you start MidiIllustrator, MidiIllustrator may present a ‘Device Already Used’ error when you try to play back a score.

MidiIllustrator cannot ensure that other programs will share MIDI devices. You can, however, instruct MidiIllustrator to share devices with other programs based on whether or not it is the ‘active’ window. In this way, MidiIllustrator can relinquish MIDI devices at the moment you switch to another MIDI programs which needs them. When you switch back to MidiIllustrator (thereby making it the active window once more) MidiIllustrator will once again take control of the MIDI devices.

Note: Not all Windows programs share MIDI devices. If you find that MidiIllustrator cannot use a particular device then this is probably because another programs is monopolising that device. In this case you should close all other MIDI programs.

Sometimes you will want MidiIllustrator to maintain control of MIDI devices even when it is not the active window. For instance, you may wish to have MidiIllustrator play back one of your songs in the background whilst you are using another programs. In this case, you would want MidiIllustrator to keep control of the MIDI Playback device.

Allow Playback (MIDI Out) When checked:

The MIDI Playback device is controlled by MidiIllustrator as long as playback is in progress, even if MidiIllustrator is not the active window. When playback ends the play back device is released.

When unchecked:

If you switch to another programs whilst MidiIllustrator is playing back a song, playback will end and the MIDI Playback device will be released.

Allow MIDI In and MIDI Echo When checked:

Both the MIDI In and MIDI Echo devices are controlled by MidiIllustrator as long as MidiIllustrator is running, even if MidiIllustrator is not the active window. This allows you to echo MIDI data from your external MIDI Instrument even when MidiIllustrator is minimised.

When unchecked:

If you switch to another programs, MidiIllustrator will no longer ‘listen’ to the MIDI In device nor will it echo to the MIDI Echo device, and both devices will be released.