Print Margins

Command Location: Score Menu / Score Options / Print Tab

The Print Margins tab enables you to make changes to the page margins on the selected score.

Top, Bottom, Left, Right These boxes display the distance between the edges of the page and the start of the text/notation in terms of the unit selected in the Unit drop down box.

E.g. if there is a figure of 14.00 in the Top box when the Unit selected is Millimetres (mm) the text/notation will start 14mm from the top of the page. If the Units are changed, e.g. to Centimetres, then the figure in the Top box will be adjusted accordingly and in this case will be displayed as 1.40.

The value for each margin can be increased/decreased by clicking on the left and right arrows on the right-hand side of the box.

Units There are three choices of unit as follows:
  • Millimetres

  • Centimetres

  • Inches

Millimetres is set as the default unit.

Set Minimum Margins for Current Printer This button automatically calculates the minimum margins that can be applied to the page and resets the figures in the four margin boxes accordingly.

Apply The Apply button applies all the changes made to the score without the need to close the dialog box.