Print Dialog – Printing and Saving Scores as Bitmap Images

Command Location: File Menu

The following options allow you to specify how the document should be printed or alternatively saved as a series of bitmap images.

You can also use third party products alongside MidiIllustrator to generate portable versions of your MidiIllustrator scores. Read about Creating and Printing Scores to Postscript Printers and PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format™).

Printer This is the active printer and printer connection. Choose the Setup option to change the printer and printer connection.
Setup Displays a Print Setup dialog box, so you can select a printer and printer connection.
Print Range Specify the pages you want to print:

Print Range

  • All - Prints the entire document
  • Current Page - Current page only
  • Selection - Prints the currently selected text
  • Pages - Prints the range of pages you specify in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ boxes


  • All Pages in Range
  • Odd Pages
  • Even Pages
Copies Specify the number of copies you want to print for the above page range.
Collate Copies Prints copies in page number order, instead of separated multiple copies of each page.
Print Quality Select the quality of the printing. Generally, lower quality printing takes less time to produce.
Output To… With this feature, you can save images of each page of the score and share them with other musicians.

Output to:

  • Printer – default, simply prints the score on a printer as normal

  • Bitmaps 256 Color – Create and save an image of each page of the score as a 256 color bitmap. Files will be larger than 16 color bitmaps.

  • Bitmaps 16 Color – Create and save an image of each page of the score as a 16 color bitmap. Files will be smaller than 256 color bitmaps.

Saving Score Images

  • Compress Bitmaps – images saved with this feature will be smaller than their uncompressed counterparts.

  • Bitmap Format – Choose to size the images so they can be easily fitted onto a “screen” view (smaller) or a much higher definition “printer” resolution suitable for sending to a printer at a later stage. Printer size images will take up more storage space but produce better quality prints.

In all cases, a separate bitmap file is created for each page of the score (using the current print layout settings) and score images are stored in the same disk location as the current score. Print Preview (Page View) will give a good idea of how the score will look when saved to bitmap files.