Split Staves Dialog

Command Location: Staves Menu / Split Staves

The Split Staves dialog allows you to divide a single staff into two separate staves. One of the reasons you may wish to split a staff is because the left and right hands on piano scores are often recorded on a single MIDI staff and need to be split before being played.

Staves can be split automatically (recommended) or manually using the Range method. Using the automatic method, MidiIllustrator conducts an extensive analysis of the score and splits the staff based on chord structures and hand positions, as well as the pitch. The Range method allows you to select only the pitch criteria upon which the staff will be split, and is generally not recommended.

Automatic If you want MidiIllustrator to analyse the score and to determine the best split for the staff, simply select the staff from the Staff Display Window, then select the

‘Automatic’ option and press ‘OK’.

The main benefit of this method is that MidiIllustrator analyses the music, and when deciding how to split a given staff it takes account of chord shapes and patterns, as well as determining the hand positions required to play these structures most easily.

Range To split a staff using the Range method, simply select the staff from the Staff Display Window and choose the Range option. You then have a choice of which note to use as the reference point for the split and you need to decide whether the split should be based on all notes above or below that note. E.g. You may decide that all notes above C3 should be placed on a separate staff.

The main benefit of this method is that you can determine the exact basis for the split yourself. No account is given to the musical structure of the score when using this method.