Starting Tempo

Command Location: Measures Menu

Allows you to set the starting tempo for the score.

Note: The starting tempo is not displayed on the score.  You may also add tempo marks and tempo changes (including MIDI events) later in the score using the Expressions Dialog.

Remove all hidden tempo events An imported MIDI score may contain MIDI tempo events at any point in the score, and these are not shown on the score even though they control playback speed.  Check this option to remove these hidden tempo events.  This option does not remove MIDI tempo events created associated with Expressions.

MIDI Files and Tempo

Sometimes, MIDI files do not supply a time signature to MidiIllustrator during import (especially those recorded from a live instrument performance).  In these cases MidiIllustrator automatically assigns a tempo.  You can change this automatic assignment at any time with the tempo dialog.

Note:  You can also save a score with modified master tempo.