Advanced Note Selection

Command Location:  Edit Menu

The Advanced Note Selection Dialog allows you to make note selections in the score using many different criteria.

Selection Criteria & Selection Range

Select the selection criteria from the list on the left, and then select the Measure and Staff range that the selection should apply to.  If there is a current note selection in the score, then you can choose to apply any advanced selection action to just that existing selection, rather than a measure/staff range (Checkbox:  Use current selection as range).

Notes in hidden staves will not be selected (show or hide staves using the Staff Manager Dialog).

Once you have made a selection, you can apply commands to the selected notes using commands from the Notes Menu.

General Select all the notes in the range, or invert any existing selection.
Pitch Select all the notes above or below a certain pitch.

A value of 60 is the MIDI pitch for Middle C.

Click the "Above" or "Below" value to change it to another value between 20 and 100.

Chords Select the various parts of a chord.

A chord is a group of notes:

  • of identical duration
  • in a single timespan
  • in a single staff

This selection criteria is useful for picking out melody or harmony notes in a chord or range of chords.

Tie Notes Select tie notes or parts of tie note sequences.