Staff Manager Dialog

Command Location: Staves Menu

The Staff Manager displays information about all the staves in the score and allows you to:

  1. Change the underlying MIDI properties of each staff in the score (MIDI Configuration Tab)
  2. Alter the staff display and playback features (Display and Playback Tab)
  3. Assign the instrument playing hand to be used when calculating fingering and showing Performing Hands on the On Screen Piano Keyboard (Display and Playback Tab).  MidiIllustrator will initially assign a hand to use when fingering a given staff based on an analysis of the clefs used in the staff.
  4. Edit the staff namings (Staff Namings Tab)
  5. reorder, add, copy and remove staves

The Staff Manager dialog is made up of three tabs (MIDI Configuration, Display and Playback and Staff Namings) and a Staff Display Window. The window lists each of the staves contained within the MIDI file and displays their details.

Apply/Apply Now The Apply button applies all of the changes made to the staff/staves without the need to close the dialog box by hitting the OK button.  E.g. If you hide a selected staff and rearrange the order of the remaining staves these changes will not be reflected on the score until you press the Apply button.

If you would like your changes to be made immediately use The Apply Now button. When this button is used any changes made to the staves will be reflected on the score right away, without the need to click the Apply button.

The buttons on the left-hand side of the window can be used to edit selected staves, either individually or in groups (simply hold down the shift key as you select the staves for your group).

Staff Manager Image Opens the Staff Options menu and enables you to do the following:
  • Mute all staves, none of the staves and selected staves
  • Visibility show all staves, hide all staves and hide selected staves
  • Select all staves and none of the staves
  • Columns autosize column widths
Staff Manager Image Allows you to move selected staves to a higher position on the score.
Staff Manager Image Allows you to move selected staves to a lower position on the score.
Staff Manager Image Adds a new staff.
Staff Manager Image Deletes the selected staff.
Staff Manager Image MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature Makes a copy of the selected staff and inserts it as a new staff.  All staff information and notation is copied to the new staff, including:
  • Staff name
  • Instrument
  • Key signatures
  • Clefs
  • Notes
  • Lyrics
  • Free Text (note that only 'measure & staff anchored' Free Text items are copied to the new staff, 'page anchored' items and 'measure anchored' items are not copied)
  • Expressions and any associated MIDI playback changes (note that any tempo Expressions and hidden tempo MIDI events are not copied to the new staff as tempo instructions are typically stored only in the top staff)

If you wish to copy only the notation from one staff to another (and not the staff instrument and other properties), then you might try Selecting Entire Staves in Power Edit Mode instead.

In addition, within the Staff Display Window, the following buttons may be used to hide or to mute selected staves.

Staff Manager Image Using the check box columns marked overhead with a cross (x) and a speaker, selected staves can be hidden/shown and muted/unmuted. The first column is the hide/show function and the second the mute function.