Command Location: Tools Menu / Program Options / Save Tab

AutoSave We recommend that when you are working with you scores, you regularly save any changes, and periodically save you score with a new file name as an extra level of protection for your hard work.

However, MidiIllustrator can also save your changes to your scores as you work.  When enabled, AutoSave will periodically save a copy of any open scores with changes to a location you can specify on your hard drive.  The default location for AutoSave files is the "AutoSave" folder - see Program Folders below.

Each file is saved with a special tag unique to the file and the MidiIllustrator session in which it was created.  When you have finished working and MidiIllustrator closes, all "autosaved" files created in that session will be deleted.  If however, for some reason, MidiIllustrator or your computer unexpectedly shuts down whilst you are working on a score, you can recover any autosaved score simply by opening it at any time from the AutoSave folder.  In this case you should then save the recovered file with a new name in a folder other than the AutoSave folder!

Note that the playback command is temporarily unavailable whilst AutoSave completes (this makes saving much faster).

Remember that AutoSave does not save the actual file you are working on (but rather a copy of it), so you should still save your work as normal, as your progress.

Background Save With "Background Save" enabled, MidiIllustrator can save your scores in the background without you having to wait to continue working on a score whilst the saving process completes (a great time saver if the score in question is very large).  Simply hit the "Save" or "Save As" commands (File Menu) and then you can continue working whilst MidiIllustrator saves your score silently.

Note that the playback command is temporarily halted/disabled whilst "Background Saving" completes (this makes saving much faster).

As an extra level of protection, MidiIllustrator also creates a backup of any existing scores before it overwrites them using its "Background Save" functions.  These backups are temporary and are written to the AutoSave folder (see above).  As with the AutoSave function, all "background saved" temporary backup files created will be removed when you finish working and the program is closed. 

Program Folders
  • Music files.  Select the folder that will open by default whenever you choose the Open command from the File Menu.  When you first use MidiIllustrator the default folder will be the ‘Samples’ folder provided with the MidiIllustrator software, and it will be located in your user Documents folder in the Rallentando Software\MidiIllustrator... sub-folder.
  • AutoSave files:  The location where a copy of any open scores will periodically be saved (see above).  Files are usually stored in the active user 'Documents' folder, in the "Rallentando Software\MidiIllustrator...\AutoSave" sub-folder.

If you want to select a new default folder, simply click on the ‘Change Folder’ button to browse the files on your computer. The newly selected folder will then become the default folder.