Help Menu commands

The Help menu offers the following commands which provide assistance with MidiIllustrator:

Getting Started Provides guidance on using MidiIllustrator for the first time.
Contents and Index Opens the Contents, Index and Find dialog for the MidiIllustrator Help Files.
Purchasing MidiIllustrator Provides information on purchasing MidiIllustrator.
Keyboard Shortcuts Lists the keyboard shortcuts for the various menu commands.
Web If you wish to purchase a copy of MidiIllustrator or to visit the MidiIllustrator website, click on this command and choose either the ‘Buy MidiIllustrator online’ or the ‘Visit the MidiIllustrator website’ tab and, as long as you are already connected to the internet, you will be directed to the appropriate web page.

Send Email If you wish to email the MidiIllustrator Support Team regarding the purchase of MidiIllustrator, or with product support and/or general questions, click on this command and choose the relevant tab. This will open the email dialog box and the address box will be completed automatically for you.
Registration Details When you have purchased a licence for the full version of MidiIllustrator, use this dialog to register your licence details.
About MidiIllustrator Displays the copyright notice and version number of your copy of MidiIllustrator.