Getting Started

This documentation covers all products in the MidiIllustrator range:  Maestro, Virtuoso & Player

Quick Start:  You can jump right into MidiIllustrator by selecting commands from the program menus and toolbars.  Or, if you are new to the program, then we recommend you read this section as a quick start guide to some of the many things you can do with MidiIllustrator.

Either way, you can access these Getting Started pages at any time from the Help Menu in the program.  What's more, you can always hit the F1 key to get detailed help for the area in which you are working.

What's New in this Version

If you have used MidiIllustrator products before, find out quickly what's new in this version.

Introducing MidiIllustrator…

Notate, print, practice and play MIDI sheet music.  Rallentando Software's MidiIllustrator products bring your favourite songs and musical works to life.  Musicians can generate high quality, dynamic scores, fake books and lead sheets from 1000s of MIDI & Karaoke files freely available on the World Wide Web.  Composers can easily modify existing music or create brand new scores from the ground up.

The MidiIllustrator Product Range:  Maestro, Virtuoso & Player

Smart notation and user friendly learning tools are common to all MidiIllustrator products.  MidiIllustrator Maestro adds more advanced editing options to the feature list.

The free MidiIllustrator Player includes a small part of the functionality offered by other products in the MidiIllustrator range.  You can open, print and playback scores created with any MidiIllustrator product (.mil files).  Read more about Player.

Discover more about the different MidiIllustrator products.  Features found only in MidiIllustrator Maestro are highlighted in the documentation with the MidiIllustrator Maestro icon: MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

All MidiIllustrator products are available for download as a free trial so that you can choose the product that's right for you.

MidiIllustrator's Core Feature Set

All MidiIllustrator products contains the same core learning tools and performance functionality.  You can boost your musical abilities with MidiIllustrator's user friendly learning tools.  Learn new music step by step, sight reading from the score or without reading a note using lead sheets with note names, chord notation, guitar frets & the on-screen piano keyboard if you prefer.

The MidiIllustrator MIDI to Notation Engine

MidiIllustrator takes the hard work out of generating easy to read scores from standard MIDI song files by allowing you to choose from a variety of score presentation options.  You can hear the performance of the piece as the artist intended, and at the same time control the complexity of the notation in the score.  Learn more about how MidiIllustrator converts MIDI to Notation.

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