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About MidiIllustrator Player and the MidiIllustrator Product Range

With MidiIllustrator Player, you can open, print and play back scores created with any MidiIllustrator product (.mil files).  You can also change the presentation of the score to suit your needs, for example changing the notation size, or varying the score playback tempo.  MidiIllustrator Player is free software with no usage limits or trial period restrictions.

MidiIllustrator Player contains only a small part of the functionality offered by other products in the MidiIllustrator range.  If you like the features of MidiIllustrator Player then download a free trial of MidiIllustrator Virtuoso or MidiIllustrator Maestro from our website.

If you are creating or working with MidiIllustrator scores, please feel free to distribute the MidiIllustrator Player installation program among your friends, thereby allowing them to print, view or play unlimited sheet music.  This is a great way to share your scores with musicians who do not yet have access to the full versions of MidiIllustrator Virtuoso or MidiIllustrator Maestro.

Read about the different MidiIllustrator products.

Distributing MidiIllustrator Player from Your Own Website

You are also welcome to host the MidiIllustrator Player installation program on your website, or link to the file directly on our website.  The direct download address on our website for the MidiIllustrator Player is:  http://www.MidiIllustrator.com/download/MidiIllustratorPlayerSetup.exe

Distribution of MidiIllustrator products is subject to the terms laid out in the license.txt included with each product's installation program.

How to buy MidiIllustrator

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All MidiIllustrator products come with free technical support and free patches/updates.  Existing customers also receive significant discounts on future releases and major upgrades from Rallentando Software.

Payment Methods

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