About the Different MidiIllustrator Products

The table below shows at a glance which of the key areas of functionality are available in each product.

Throughout this documentation, features found only in MidiIllustrator Maestro are highlighted with the MidiIllustrator Maestro icon: MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

For a comprehensive list of MidiIllustrator product features, see What can you do with MidiIllustrator?  For a timeline of all MidiIllustrator product releases and updates including details about the original MidiIllustrator product, see the Version History.

MidiIllustrator Player is a free product, and includes a small part of the functionality offered by other products in the MidiIllustrator range.  With MidiIllustrator Player, you can open, print and playback scores created with other MidiIllustrator products (.mil files).  Read more about Player.

Feature Description MidiIllustrator Maestro MidiIllustrator Virtuoso
  Performing:  Notate, Print, Practice and Play    
Generate Attractive, Accurate and Flexible Scores from MIDI files The same advanced 'MIDI to score' conversion engine is used in all MidiIllustrator applications to create beautiful sheet music instantly. Yes Yes
Hear the Music, See the Music! MidiIllustrator brings your scores to life!  See the notes light up on the staff as they are played back; the pages turn automatically. Yes Yes
Transform Your Scores Automatically with 1-Step Tasks Single command score conversion tools such as 'Convert to Two Hand Piano' and 'Convert to Fake Book'.  Generate Chord Names and Guitar Frets automatically.  Format many Scores at once using the Task Wizard. Yes Yes
Custom Transcription Options Custom presentation modes allowing you, for example, to present difficult notation in simplified form. Yes Yes
Reformat the Notation Easily change the way the music is represented.  Change keys, time signatures, transpose notes etc.  Remove notation selections or complete measure ranges. Yes Yes
Performance and Learning Tools Practice particular passages with special practice tools.  Learn music 'Step by Step' without reading any notation, with the on-screen piano.  Practice new rhythms with the metronome. Yes Yes
Modify Score Layout Customise the dimensions and positions of score objects, such as measures, staves and lyrics. Yes Yes
Connect and Interact Connect a MIDI instrument and interact with the music.  MidiIllustrator knows where you are in the score and turns the pages automatically. Yes Yes
  Composing:  Create and Edit Scores    
Composing and Editing Create brand new scores, or edit existing scores with powerful editing tools.  Enter notation quickly with the keyboard, and make precision changes with mouse editing functions. Yes No
Capture Your Music Tools to quickly and easily capture your musical ideas and performances:  Note entry via the on-screen piano, record a real-time performance, or enter chords using a connected MIDI instrument. Yes No
Context Sensitive Editing MidiIllustrator Maestro examines the score as you work, and automatically assigns note and rest entry 'qualities' appropriate to the context. Yes No
Editing tools Quickly build scores with powerful copy/paste functions and drag/drop operations. Yes No
Score Templates Create a template with your favourite properties in order to save time in the future when creating new compositions. Yes No

MidiIllustrator Maestro and MidiIllustrator Virtuoso

Each MidiIllustrator product is two powerful programs wrapped into a single package.  As well as generating beautiful scores from the many free MIDI files available online, all products feature music learning and performance tools as part of a broader music notation package.

MidiIllustrator Maestro builds on the score editing functionality of MidiIllustrator Virtuoso.

Beyond the 'single-step' smart notation power of the MidiIllustrator Virtuoso, MidiIllustrator Maestro brings composition to the feature list, enabling a world of musical creativity at your fingertips. 

With MidiIllustrator Maestro you simply switch seamlessly between editing and performance modes depending on what you want to do with the program.

One Format for All MidiIllustrator Products

The MidiIllustrator product range uses a common file format, meaning that scores created in one MidiIllustrator product can be opened and worked with in all MidiIllustrator products.