MIDI Shortcut Keys

Command Location: Tools Menu / MIDI Options / MIDI Shortcut Keys Tab

MIDI Shortcut Keys allow you to control many of MidiIllustrator’s functions using your connected MIDI instrument (such as a MIDI keyboard) as a ‘remote control’.

Note: The MIDI Shortcut Keys Tab is not available in some modes (during playback, Step by Step Mode, Practise Session).

Instead of using the mouse or keyboard, you can input certain commands using your MIDI instrument. MidiIllustrator will listen for notes entered in this way and will carry out commands accordingly.

Note that for MIDI Shortcut Keys to work, you must have connected MIDI instrument connected and configured for use by MidiIllustrator, and you must be ‘listening’ for MIDI Input on a MIDI In device.

Note:  Try not to use shortcut key pitches which you will often use during performances, or commands may be inadvertently sent to MidiIllustrator whilst you are simply playing notes on your instrument. To this end, it is best to avoid using keys near the middle of a MIDI keyboard, and instead configure less frequently used keys at either end of the instrument.

Shortcut keys are deactivated in Edit Mode - Normal Entry MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature as in this state MIDI input is converted to notation and added to the current score.

Entering Note Values from your Instrument

For each of the commands below, you may configure a corresponding key, or note on your MIDI Instrument. You can enter note values manually using the drop down box, or you can select an instruction from the list, click the “Use Next MIDI Note Entered...” button and then tap a key on your MIDI device to set a particular value.

Enabling MIDI Shortcut Keys

Don’t forget to set both “Listen for MIDI Shortcut Keys” on this Options page, and “Listen to MIDI In device” on the MIDI In / MIDI Echo Options page in order to enable MIDI Shortcut Keys.

On-Screen Keyboard

Once configured, you will be able to see which notes on your MIDI Instrument are configured for use as MIDI Shortcut Keys by displaying MidiIllustrator’s On-Screen Keyboard. Configured keys are highlighted with colored markers as a quick reference.

Instruction Name Instruction
Page: Next Turns the page.
Page: Previous Turns the page.
Perform: Play/Stop Begins/Ends playback.
Perform: Rewind Rewinds playback.
Step by Step: Cue Playback from Step Position Synchronizes the playback position to the current Step Position.  See also Setting the Playback Starting Position in Step by Step Mode.