Present Difficult Notation in Simplified Form

MidiIllustrator can automatically make all the decisions necessary to convert your MIDI and Karaoke files into notation. Alternatively, you can use the Score Transcription Wizard to have MidiIllustrator arrange the file's musical content in a particular way, by selecting from a list of custom presentation modes (eg 'Easier to Read'). Depending on the style of the music, this can have a dramatic effect on readability.

At all times, MidiIllustrator maintains the original audio performance of the score. However you choose to format or present the notation, MidiIllustrator will remember how the underlying MIDI music was 'recorded' or 'sequenced', but notates it as necessary in a simpler, easier to read manner.

You can change the custom presentation mode on an open score at any time (until you begin editing the score) by choosing new transcription settings from the Transcription Options tab of Score Options.

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