Recording Options MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

Command Location: Tools Menu / Program Options / Recording Options Tab

Recording options determine how MidiIllustrator transcribes live MIDI performances recorded into the program.  You can also determine metronome settings for the recording session.

Choose how you would like *Recorded* MIDI converted to notation The options for converting MIDI played in during a recording session are identical to the options available for converting MIDI files as they are opened and transcribed by MidiIllustrator (see Transcription Options).

It may be beneficial to apply more of the available 'simplification' rules when recording, however, as this will improve the likelihood of clean and tidy notation when interpreting 'live performance' data.

Rules for Metronome Use During Recording In general, the recording metronome inherits the display and audio settings of the playback metronome (MIDI Options).  However, the "Intro" can be different for the recording metronome.

Furthermore, when selected, "Always use Metronome when Recording" will cause the Metronome to play throughout any recording session (highly recommended) regardless of the playback Metronome settings.