Score Titles

Command Location: Score Menu / Titles

Score Titles are customizable text entries in the score.

Score Titles are displayed as rich text objects so font formatting is possible using the right-click context menu in the edit boxes.

MidiIllustrator displays the following titles:

Titles are edited using the Score Titles dialog, Score Menu.

Headers and Footers

The drop down boxes allow you to modify the header/footer style and alignment.

The default setting is Normal (i.e. the header/footer is shown but does not have a border) but this can be changed using the drop down boxes described below.

The first drop down box allows you to customise the header/footer as follows:

The second drop down box allows you to set alignment.

Title text can include custom MidiIllustrator "Fields".  These fields are populated automatically with the latest information when titles are displayed or printed (such as page count, file name, date etc).

Note that titles are only visible in Page view (Print Preview).

Titles can also be double-clicked with the mouse and edited directly from the score in most modes.