Rich Text Score Items

Many of the items displayed in the score are rich text objects.  Rich text is a range of text which can be customized with font formatting and layout commands much like the text in any word processor document like Microsoft Word.  In fact, fully formatted Rich Text Format (RTF) content can be copied and pasted directly from applications like Microsoft Office into your score.

In general rich text items support the following basic RTF formatting features:

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

Furthermore, MidiIllustrator rich text items fully support Object Linking and Embedding giving you great flexibility to provide rich content such as images in your scores.

OLE is a technology that allows the linking and embedding of documents and other objects such as images and other multimedia content.  For example you might embed an image or photo into the Score Title as decoration, or insert a link to a relevant external document somewhere in the notation of your score.  You simply copy the content to the clipboard from another application and paste it into your score when editing a rich text item.

Typically OLE content can be quickly and easily edited in an application designed specifically to handle the OLE content format.  When you begin editing the rich text item, simply double-click the OLE content and it will typically open in another application for editing.  Close that application when editing is complete and the content will be automatically updated in your score.

The following MidiIllustrator rich text items can store and display rich text and OLE objects in your score:

Default Fonts for Rich Text Items

All of these items are associated with a Default font used only when creating a new rich text item.  Once a new rich text item has been created, fonts and formatting for rich text items can subsequently be changed on a per-item basis using the Formatting Toolbar or the right-click context menu in the rich text editing boxes.  See also: Applying the Default Font to All Score Items of a Particular Type.

Warning!  Inserting large OLE objects into rich text items can make your MidiIllustrator scores very large when saved, and also impair the display of the score, especially during playback.

Formatting Toolbar

The following score items can be edited in place, the formatting toolbar will appear automatically when editing begins allowing you to change common rich text formatting features:

Right-click Context Menu in Rich Text Editing Boxes

The following score items are not edited in place but instead they have dedicated editing dialogs where formatting can be applied using the right-click context menu in each item's rich text editing box: