Staff Tools and Namings

Command Location: Score Menu / Score Options / Staff Tools and Namings Tab

The Staff Tools and Namings tab allows you to make changes to the Staff Name and the Instrument Name on the current score, and to show/hide Staff Tools.

Show Tools Allows you to show/hide the Staff Tools buttons on the left-hand side of the first system on the page. This option is only available in Window View.
Ensure Tools are Always Visible (i.e. even when hiding empty staves) This option is used in conjunction with the following two commands:
  • Staff Tools

  • Hide Empty Staves

You can choose to show or hide the ‘Staff Tools’ on the left of the first system on each page of the score. A set of Staff Tools is shown for each staff or staff in the score. If, however, you have chosen to hide staves which are empty (see ‘Hide Empty Staves’ below) then a given staff may be hidden in which case the Staff Tools cannot be shown for that particular staff.

In order to ensure that you can always access the Staff Tools for all staves when you have opted to ‘Hide Empty Staves’ you should enable the item ‘Ensure Staff Tools are Always Visible’. This will ensure that all the staves in the first system of each page will be visible whether empty or not and their corresponding Staff Tools will also be shown.

Show Namings You can choose to display or to hide the names of the staves and the associated instruments on the screen and printed page using the Show Namings check box.

The box is checked by default, as many users like to see this detail on the score, but there are times when you may wish to hide the names, e.g. if you wanted to fit more of the score onto the screen/printed page.

This option overrides all of the other Name settings in the Staff Dialog tab.

The Window View and the ‘Printer and Page View’ dialogs allow you to customise the Window View and the Printer/Page Views respectively. Each dialog allows changes to be made to a) the First System on the Page and b) the Remaining Systems, as detailed below.

Staff & Instrument Names Allows you to show/hide both the staff and instrument names e.g. Staff 1 Acoustic Grand Piano.

Staff Name Allows you to show/hide the name of the staff e.g. Staff 1.

Instrument Name Allows you to show/hide the name of the instrument e.g. Acoustic Grand Piano.

Use Short Names This option determines whether the full or abbreviated staff/instrument name is displayed when namings are shown on the score. To edit the actual namings see Staff Namings.

Full names might be ‘Left Hand’ and ‘Acoustic Grand Piano’ whereas shortened names might be ‘Lft Hnd’ and ‘Aco Gra Pia’.

For this option to work, however, the Staff Name and/or Instrument Name options must also have been selected. E.g. if you have chosen to hide the Staff Name and to show the Instrument Name, and you then select Use Short Names, only the Instrument Short Name will be displayed. To show the Short Staff Name as well, check the Staff Name box.

Apply The Apply button applies all the changes made to the score without the need to close the dialog box.