Viewing a Range of Measures

Command Location: Measures Menu

The Measure Range dialog allows you to select a specific range of measures for printing or display on the screen.

This command is available in Performance Mode and Layout Mode only.  In Edit Mode, all measures are shown at all times.

The current measure total is shown. When you choose a new range, measures outside that range are temporarily hidden (not deleted).

You may, for example, want to focus on a particular part of the selected piece, say from the beginning of measure 3 to the end of measure 11, and by entering the starting point of your selected range in the ‘First’ box and the ending point in the ‘Last’ box, which in this case would be 3 and 11 respectively, this range of measures will be displayed on the screen. If you only wish to display one measure, say measure 4, you would simply enter ‘4’ in both in the ‘First’ and ‘Last’ boxes, and only that measure will be displayed.

If you subsequently decide to focus on a different section of the piece you would simply change the range of measures that you had entered into the ‘First’ and ‘Last’ boxes. To revert to the original score, simply click on the ‘Show All’ button which will show all of the measures in the score.

Practicing a range of measures

If you wish to practice a specific part of the score you may find it useful to create a Practice Session for the specific measure range rather than using this dialog.