Command Location: Score Menu / Score Options / Fonts Tab

The Fonts tab allows you to customize the fonts used in the current score.

Default Fonts are for New Items Only

Many of the items displayed in the score are displayed as rich text objects in which case the font specified here is simply the font used when creating a new rich text item.  These fonts are shown in the list with the word 'New Item Default' following the item name; e.g. "Staff Namings (New Item Default)".  Item fonts and formatting for rich text items can subsequently be changed on a per-item basis using the Formatting Toolbar or the right-click context menu in the rich text editing boxes.

Applying the Default Font to All Score Items of a Particular Type

Once changes have been made to a default font and the Score Options Dialog is closed, you will be offered the chance to update all items in the score with the new default font you have assigned.  Any formatting changes you have made to individual score items will be lost when the default font formatting is applied.

Changing a Font

Simply double-click the item that you wish to change (e.g. page title or staff namings) or select an item and click on the Modify button which will open the Font dialog.  You can then select the font of your choice.

The Font Dialog

In addition to the settings found within the usual Windows font dialog there are some special settings used by MidiIllustrator.

Size/Auto-Size in proportion with print size Most notation objects in the score are automatically sized by MidiIllustrator in order to keep them in proportion to other items in the score.  When you zoom a score, these items are scaled automatically.

You can increase or decrease the size of an item relative to other notation items by changing its font size.  MidiIllustrator will still scale your items relatively when you increase the Print Size of the score, however if you wish to fix the size of certain fonts so that they do not scale in proportion with the rest of the notation, then uncheck the Auto-Size in proportion with print size checkbox.

Note that changing print size is different to zooming.  For more information on this topic see Zooming vs Print Size.

Note Information Fonts

There are two Note Information fonts used to display Note Names and Finger Numbers on the score:

  • Note Information - Inside/Left of note: used when Note Names/Finger Numbers are shown with their owner note
  • Note Information - Outside staff: used when Note Names/Finger Numbers are shown with their owner note

For both of these fonts, the font size is constrained in order to ensure that the note names do not overlap the surrounding notation.  Change the zoom or the Print Size to increase the size of note names/finger numbers along with note head sizes.

Similarly, the size of Guitar Frets is fixed and managed by MidiIllustrator.