View Menu commands

The View menu offers the following commands:

Window View Displays the score on the screen making full use of the size of the monitor screen. It is not a representation of how the score will appear when printed (see page view below) but it makes the best use of your screen 'real estate'!
Page View (Print Preview) Page View is the same as Print Preview.

This view allows you to evaluate the score prior to sending it to print, and therefore to adjust the page layout or printer set up as desired before printing. The score is displayed on the screen as it will appear printed using the current printer setup and page layout.

Scroll View (Editing) This viewing mode applies the same rules for layout as Window view, except that the format for the score is a single system which scrolls horizontally along the page.  This makes editing much simpler as the dynamic changes to the score object sizes which occur as you edit (eg staff height) do not result in constant reformatting of the score.
Hide Staff Notation - Show Timeline A view of the score in which traditional staff notation is temporarily hidden, and instead staves in the score are 'compressed' shown as a compact timeline (Performance Mode Only)
Toolbars Shows or hides the following Toolbars:

The Editing Palettes toolbar is context sensitive and will become visible depending on the editing state MidiIllustrator is in.

The ‘Restore Default Toolbar Layout’ option reverses all changes made to the toolbars and reinstates the original toolbar layout.

Status Bar Shows or hides the status bar at the bottom of the screen.  You can show a list of Status Bar display options by right clicking on the Status Bar.
Display Solfege Note Names Displays Solfege note names instead of names A-G on both the score (when individual note names are enabled) and also the On-Screen Piano Keyboard and On-Screen Guitar Fretboard.
Full Screen Enter/Leave Full Screen Mode
Keyboard Allows you to:
  • show/hide the On-Screen Piano Keyboard (OSP)
  • dock the OSP keyboard in position
  • toggle between the full size OSP keyboard and the cropped keyboard
  • show note names on the OSP keyboard keys
  • show finger numbers on the OSP keyboard keys during playback (finger numbers must be assigned to notes before the finger number can be shown on keys as they are played)
  • show/hide Performing Hands on the keyboard during playback (fingering must be assigned to notes before they can be played)
  • edit the keyboard colors, including piano key highlighting colors
  • Highlight Middle C on the On-Screen Piano Keyboard for easier orientation.

For further information, see the On Screen Piano Keyboard section.

Fretboard Allows you to:
  • show/hide the On-Screen Guitar Fretboard (OSF)
  • dock the fretboard in position
  • toggle between the full size OSF and the cropped OSF
  • show note names on the OSF strings
  • edit the fretboard colors

For further information, see the On-Screen Guitar Fretboard section.

Metronome Light Allows you to show/hide and dock/undock the Metronome Light.

You may also edit the metronome light flashing colors in the Program Colors dialog.

Zoom Allows you to zoom in and out of the score. Note that zooming does not change the actual printing size of the notation it simply alters the magnification of the score on the screen.

For more information see Zooming vs Print Size.

Once you have found a zoom setting you are happy with, this can be set as your Preferred Zoom - also available a command from the "Toolbars & Zoom" toolbar.

Navigation Commands Allows you to navigate the score by reference to Page, Measure, Staff/System and Item.

Cursor Navigation During Playback

Whilst playing the score, holding down the Control key during the main navigation commands will move the playback cursor and then restart playback from the new cursor location.

Shortcuts are available for each command.

Go Directly to Score Location... Opens the Goto... dialog box and enables you to select the Bookmark, Page or Measure that you wish to find, and will take you to that part of the score.