Note Entry Via the On Screen Piano Keyboard MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

Command Location: View Menu / Keyboard

This tool allows you to enter single notes or whole chords directly into your score using the On Screen Piano Keyboard.

Note entry with the on screen keyboard is possible only in Edit Mode, Normal Entry.

Notes are entered by positioning the cursor to the desired insertion point, and selecting the entry pitch from the screen keyboard using the left mouse button.  When the left mouse button is released, the note is added.

Holding down the Shift key whilst entering notation will result in rest entry rather than note entry.

The duration of the note or rest added is determined by the entry item qualities, and should be set before entering a new item.

Chord notes can be added in exactly the same way as with the mouse or computer keyboard; holding the Control key down whilst clicking notes on the on screen piano will keep the cursor in the current time position, ready for adding another note to the current chord.

Other Ways to Enter Notes

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