Tapping In Rhythms MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

Command Location: Perform Menu (Record Command)

This tool allows you to enter single note rhythms using the computer keyboard.  You can quickly and easily capture the rhythm of a tune without having to worry about playing the right notes or assigning complex note durations individually.

No note pitches are assigned, and only durations are assigned.  After you have tapped in a new rhythm sequence, you can easily assign pitches to each note using the mouse or keyboard commands.

To tap in rhythms:

  1. Follow exactly the same steps as starting a recording session.
  2. Once the session is underway, simply hit the "Enter" key at the time each new note should be created.  When the key is pressed, the new note begins, and when the key is released, the new note ends.

The new notes are added to the recording staff when recording ends.

My Rhythm is Out of Sync with the Existing Notation and/or the Metronome!

If you find that when you have 'tapped in' a sequence of notes in time with the metronome that and there is a delay between your entered notes and the recorded notes as displayed, try setting a value for Playback Latency.

Other Ways to Enter Notes

You can also capture your musical ideas with the following tools: