Perform Menu commands

The Perform menu offers the following commands:

Start/Stop Playback Starts/stops playback from the current cursor position and plays to the end of the score.

You can skip backwards and forwards during playback using Keyboard Shortcuts (Navigation Commands)

Playback end times are selected slightly differently in Edit Mode.  See Note about Playback In Edit Mode.

Rewind Takes the cursor back to the start of the piece.
Audition Current Measure Play just the current measure and then return the cursor to the pre-playback position.
Start/Stop Recording Start/stop recording to the current staff/score from a connected MIDI device.
Step by Step Mode Activates Step by Step Mode so you can ‘step’ the cursor through the score selecting notes one at a time or in ‘chord groups’.
  You can also set the Step by Step playback starting position.
Practice Session Create, Start/Stop or Edit a Practice Session using the Practice Session Wizard.
Master Tempo Allows you to increase or decrease the playback tempo of the piece, and to reset the playback tempo to its original value.  This value can be saved with the score.
Master Volume Enables you to increase or decrease the playback volume of the piece (or selected staves) and to reset the playback volume to its original value.

This is a master volume setting.  Changing the master volume will affect staff volumes differently depending on whether or not those staves are currently selected.  For more information see the Volume section of the Extended Sequencer Toolbar.

Activate Metronome Activates or deactivates the Metronome.
Use Speaking Metronome Switches between using the Metronome Instrument and counting the beats out loud using a human voice.  See Speaking Metronome.
Configure Metronome Instrument Opens the Metronome Instrument dialog.
Activate MIDI In Activates or deactivates MIDI In.

For further information on MIDI In see the MIDI In/MIDI Echo section.

Activate MIDI Echo Activates/deactivates MIDI Echo.

For further information on MIDI Echo see the MIDI In/MIDI Echo section.

Configure Echo Instrument Opens the MIDI Echo device Instrument dialog.
Play Notes as Imported/Recorded Play imported MIDI songs and recordings as they were originally performed, rather than adhering strictly to the notated times displayed on the score.  This is especially useful when, for example, a sequenced piece was performed with feeling, but has been transcribed to be easier to read.  Read more about how the performance can vary from the notation in the What You See versus What You Hear section of How MidiIllustrator converts MIDI to Notation.
Ignore Barline Repeats Ignore or apply any special endings such as barline repeats.
Highlight Rests During Playback Optionally highlight rests during playback as well as notes to help with counting.
Scroll and Fade In the Next Page Scroll in the next page during playback to make reading ahead easier (available only in Window View, Performance Mode).
  • Highlight Notes/lyrics During PlaybackMidiIllustrator will highlight the notes and lyrics on the score during playback when this command has been selected.
  • Grey Muted Notes:  Show the muted notes on the score in a different color to the standard notes, and do not highlight them during playback.
Enter Playlist Mode Begins Playlist Mode.