Rests Menu MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

The rests menu will only appear when a rest has been selected.

As well as appearing in the main program menu, these menu commands are usually available as a context menu when you right-click the mouse on the score.

Vertical Position Raises or lowers the vertical position of the selected rest(s) by roughly the height of a single staff line.
Duration Allows you to change the duration of selected rests.

The duration of the rests can be modified incrementally using the Duration: Increase/Decrease commands.  If you would like MidiIllustrator to include dotted durations in the choice of increased or decreased durations, see the Include dots when incrementing duration of selection option in Editing options.

Delete... Read about the different ways to remove rest groups from the score.  Essentially, the typical delete and backspace commands apply to the nearest rest at the cursor position  (Edit Mode) or to all rests at the cursor position (Performance Mode) when the Shift key is depressed when deleting.