Command Location: Insert Menu / Entry Duration / Triplet/Quintuplet

When importing a song, MidiIllustrator automatically identifies and notates tuplets.

New tuplets and other notes can only be added to the score using MidiIllustrator Maestro MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature .  In Edit Mode, you can add tuplets to the score and modify existing tuplets.  Select the tuplet entry duration from the Insert Menu (Setting Entry Item Qualities).

See the Keyboard Shortcuts for this function.

Tuplet Notes are Treated as a Unit

Because of the unusual durations applied to tuplets, they are treated slightly differently to 'normal' notes.

When selecting tuplet durations for note entry, remember that groups of tuplet notes are always treated by MidiIllustrator as a unit, and so when adding a new tuplet, a whole tuplet will be added at the insertion point.  For example, in the case of a triplet addition, a single triplet note will be added followed by two triplet rests.

You cannot add or modify the 'tuplet rests' in a tuplet group directly, they are managed automatically by MidiIllustrator.  When you remove a note from a tuplet group, it will be replaced with a 'tuplet rest' if no other note exists in that 'branch' of the tuplet.  If you need to add a rest to a specific position in a tuplet, add all the notes first, then delete notes to have MidiIllustrator create rests.  When all branches are empty, the tuplet will be removed altogether.

When inserting even a single tuplet note, there must be enough space in the current measure for a complete tuplet to be added.

Once the initial tuplet note has been inserted and the 'outline' tuplet is created, adding subsequent notes when the cursor is within the tuplet range will populate the various 'branches' of the tuplet.  Existing tuplet notes can be selected using the mouse or keyboard, and then the various modification functions can be applied to the selection using commands from the Notes Menu.  The selected notes can also be Moved, Dragged and Copied with the Mouse in Edit mode.  Tuplet notes cannot be copied or moved outside their 'host' tuplet.

Certain delete commands will delete the entire tuplet (again treating the tuplet notes as a unit).

When a Tuplet Cannot be Displayed

MidiIllustrator will always try to warn you when a tuplet cannot be entered in a certain score location (usually because of conflict or overlap with existing notation in the same voice).  However in some complex operations such as copy and paste operations where pasted notation is added to existing notation, it may not be musically possible to retain the original representation of tuplet notes in either the original or pasted content.  In this case, MidiIllustrator will simply break the tuplet into 'normal' (non tuplet) notes and issue a warning.  If the results of an operation are not as you would like, you can undo the operation.

Tuplet Types Supported

The current version of MidiIllustrator supports the following two tuplet types: