Score Options Dialog

Command Location: Score Menu

The Score Options dialog allows you to make changes to the current score and set the default behavior for all other scores.  Other scores will continue to use the default score options (see the Set As Default command below).

The dialog contains the following tabs:

To the right hand side of each Score Options tab there are buttons which allow you to change the Score Options for not only the current score but also for all MIDI and Karaoke files subsequently opened in MidiIllustrator.

The following buttons are displayed on the right hand side of each Score Options tab:

Restore Defaults Resets the values in the current Score Options tab to the default settings. Changes to values in the tab will not affect the current score until you hit ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’.

Note:  these may not be the default settings created when you installed MidiIllustrator, as you are able to overwrite the ‘defaults’ (see below).

Set As Default Sets the values in the current Score Options tab as the new default values.  All MIDI and Karaoke files opened subsequently will use these new default settings.

Note:  Existing .mil files previously saved with MidiIllustrator will not be affected by these new defaults unless you open each .mil file, select the given Score Options tab and select ‘Restore Defaults’.

Page View/Window View Toggles the view of the score between Page View and Window View

This enables you to quickly see the effect of any changes to the Score Options in the different views without having to close the Score Options dialog (useful when, for example, changing Print Layout options which apply only to Page view)

Apply Now When this checkbox is selected, changes made to the various score settings will be applied to the current score immediately without the need to click the Apply button after each change.

Note: This option is not available for all tabs in the Score Options dialog.