Power Edit Mode MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

Command Location:  Tools Menu / Edit Mode

Power Edit Mode, is one of the sub modes of Edit Mode.  Power Edit allows you to quickly edit large areas of the notation, applying changes to whole measures or beats, and moving or copying multi-staff selections of notation from one part of the score to another (or to another score altogether using Copy/Cut/Paste Clipboard Functions).

Selecting Ranges of the Score with Power Edit

The selection range or 'drag' range in Power Edit can be set using the keyboard arrow keys or the mouse.

With the mouse, left-click the score and drag over the measure(s)/stave(s) group you wish to work with.  When the mouse is released, you can extend the selection by holding down the Shift key, and click/dragging elsewhere on the score (on another page if you wish).  The selection will be extended to the clicked/dragged location

With the keyboard, use the arrow keys to select measure(s)/stave(s) group.  You can extend the selection by holding down the Shift key, and using the arrow keys (up/down for staffs, left/right for measures).

Depending on the value you have chosen for the Select Entire Bars option, mouse and keyboard cursor command will round the selection range to the nearest whole measure, or just the nearest whole beat.

Selecting Entire Staves

In order to select an entire staff, simply click the score just to the leftmost edge of the staff (just to the left of the clef).  The entire staff will be selected.  The selection can be extended to more whole staves by holding down the Shift key and repeating the action.

Another way to Make Copies of Complete Staves:  If you wish to make a copy of one or more complete staves including notation, instrument, name and other staff properties, then it will probably be faster to try "making a copy of the selected staff" with the Staff Manager Dialog

Copying vs Moving the Selection ('Control Key' held during Mouse Drag/Drop)

When you have made a selection, you can use the 'clipboard' functions to cut or copy the selection to another location in the score, or even to another score altogether (if it is also open in Edit Mode).  Cut the current selection to place it on the clipboard, then if desired, select a new location in this or another score, and paste the previous selection into the score.

For fast transfer of selections from one part of the score to another, click and hold the left mouse button over the existing selection.  Hold the left button down, and drag the selection to the new 'drop' location.  As you move, the drop area is highlighted in a different color to individuate it from the drag selection.  Only valid, compatible drop areas will be highlighted.  A compatible drop area is one which has exactly the same measure structure as the drag area (ie all measure lengths as the same).  Releasing the mouse button will drop the selection in its new location.  Holding down the Control key will copy the existing selection, rather than moving it.

Replacing vs Merging with Existing Notation (Power Edit Menu Option)

Select from the Power Edit Menu either of the following paste options:

Inserting Dragged/Copied Measures ('Alt Key' held during Mouse Drag/Drop, or 'Insert & Paste' menu command)

By default, MidiIllustrator does not create new measures for pasted or dropped selections in Power Edit mode - dropped or pasted ranges either replace or merge with existing notation.

However with the 'Insert & Paste' command, MidiIllustrator will create new measures prior to pasting/dropping copied range, meaning that existing notation shifted forwards as the score is lengthened to make room for the new dropped/pasted content.  When choosing a drop point with the mouse, holding the 'Alt' key will display the 'insert' point with arrows instead of the usual 'drop range'.

Note that for new measures to be inserted, the following criteria must be satisfied:

Deleting the Selection

Using the 'delete' or 'backspace' key when a selection has been made will delete all notation in the range, but will leave the measure/staff structure intact.  To remove whole measures/staves, see Remove Measures.

Using Other Functions Whilst in Power Edit

Whilst in Power Edit, certain notation functions will automatically apply to the current range selected (if any).  This often makes it faster to apply changes to a particular range of measures.  These functions include:

More About this Mode

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