Score Templates MidiIllustrator Maestro Only Feature

Command Location: File Menu

Score templates contain all the foundations necessary for creating a new score in one step.  You can easily create a template with your favourite properties in order to save time in the future when creating new compositions.

Templates can be created from scratch, or generated automatically from an existing score.  The MidiIllustrator installation package contains some basic templates to get composers up and running.

Templates contain the following core information:

Templates do not generally contain more than one measure, as the score initial score length is usually specified when generating a new score from the template.

Templates are stored with the extension *.mit, in the program 'templates' folder, usually found in the active user 'Documents' folder, in the "Rallentando Software\MidiIllustrator..." sub-folder.

Create and Save a Template from Scratch, or from the Current Score

To create a template from scratch, first create a new score with the desired attributes.  Alternatively, open an existing score which would make a good template for future scores.

Then select Save As Template from the File Menu commands.  This command will create a copy of the current score, and strip from it all non-template data (notes, lyrics, MIDI data etc).  The template will be saved in the 'templates' folder with the name you supply.

Creating a template from an open score does not affect the open score in any way, and when the template has been created, you can continue working with the original score.  The new template is now available from the New Score dialog.

The 'Default' Template

The default template is a special template which can be accessed quickly from the File Menu or the Launch Screen.  The default template is a unique template saved in the 'templates' folder with the name  If this file does not exist, The default template functions will not work.

Any template can be set as the default template.  Simply save your template with the name in the 'templates' folder, or generate a new default template using the Save As Default Template command, File Menu.


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